6 months of Emotional clearing that will take you to another level of being. Shower yourself in frequencies that will work to clear old, stuck, stagnant emotions that keep you back from expressing  your best self.

This is a dive into clearing out old energy, Focussed on emotions but will also include clearing out the digestive system and parts of the body where your emotions are being held. We will use frequencies for emotions, negative thought patterns, meridians, brain, past life and the digestive system. Perfect for those ready to change their way of being and to vibrate on a higher level.

When going through this frequency path, it is best to be committed to incorporating a lifestyle that is conducive to facilitating  change. that may include things such as lifestyle and diet. Body mind and soul are what we are looking to impact! Are you ready to commit?

What's included

  • 3 zoom wellness coaching calls
  • quanta capsule
  • personalized journey
  • email access for any questions along the way

frequency panels we will use are: Emotional reset ♥ Hormones ♥ Today's stress ♥ Meridians  ♥ Brain balancing ♥ Digestion panels as well as others that we discover on your coaching call that you would like to address.



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