Creating Abundance Individual Sessions

Creating Abundance Individual Sessions


Are you ready to start receiving money in abundance? how about an income increase? Or just abundance in general? If so then this is for you!

1 month or more. first month is $333 any additional month will be $222 You will receive powerful frequencies that will clear the energetic blocks keeping you from attracting, receiving earning  and keeping money into your life. Receive frequencies that will assist in raising your vibration to one of abundance. (1 month long is optimal for best results) You will receive 4 sets of frequencies, 1 per week. and you will then listen via your quanta capsule that is downloaded to your device of choice. the more you listen the more the frequencies are entrained into your field and the better your results.

  • 1 Month of frequencies
  • 1n minute set up coaching call
  • Aua and bach flower weekly reading

Some of the frequencies you will receive are: "I accept unlimited wealth" ♥ Energy and frequency of money ♥ "I can build wealth and be safe in my life" ♥ "I am open to the flow of money" ♥ Opportunities are coming my way with ease" ♥ Optimal frequency of manifesting 963Hz ♥ "I clear negative tribal beliefs about money. plus many more.

Individual sessions are specific to YOU and will find the frequencies that will work specifically with your auric field and energy. You will also receive a bonus panel that will help to clear emotions and top stress points in your life, as well as bach flower readings and Aura photos.


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