Breakthrough To Success (Individual)

Breakthrough To Success (Individual)


This panel helps you to clear Limiting beliefs and ancestral patterns and then will shower you with Supercharged affirmations. This panel is a great addition to other panels especially when using the subscription plan.


  • 1 zoom coaching call
  • quanta capsule
  • 1 Month of frequencies
  • Bach flower and aura weekly reading
  • frequencies such as; "I am not good enough ♥ Trying new things is too risky delete clear release ♥ I can't have the things I really want completely delete dismiss and clear right now for all time, ♥ Abuse clear, ♥ Addiction clear, ♥ Anger Clear, ♥  Deceit Clear, ♥I experience lightness and laughter, ♥ Brilliant waves of creativity are bringing me million dollar ideas, and many more



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