Anti Aging

Anti Aging


Who says we have to age? I actually believe that it is normal for us NOT to! Living in this 3d world however gives us a completely different message and one that takes our bodies down a road it doesn't necessarily  have to go.

Everything is frequency, and when we understand how frequency works, we know that when the right frequency is applied it will transform  anything!


  • 1 month of frequencies
  • quanta capsule
  • 15 min coaching and set up call (telephone or zoom)
  • weekly bach and aura reading

Frequencies for DNA and Telomeres  are used in this panel to transform you back to a younger and more vibrant you. As well as some of the elements and lifestyle that are adding to your aging.

Frequencies such as Emotional stress accelerating  aging process ♥ telomere shortening ♥ Melatonin  ♥ oxidative damage and more


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