About Me

I’m sharing a little about me in hopes of inspiring  you to find what it is you love to do and to do it! 

I love what I do and how I have chosen to serve. Wasn’t always able to say that! but grateful that I can now. It took many years of working at something, that was never truly my heart before I was able to make that change.

I started my career working at a hair salon when I was in high school. It was such a great place and amazing co-workers to be around. and I enjoyed it! As time went on, I continued on that path working in a salon and, learning hair just seemed to be the job I did and what I was meant to continue doing.

After about 12 years, I went into working in the Film Industry as a hairstylist, I had realized that I wasn’t very happy doing hair and needed something different. Moving into the film industry seemed to be a way that I could change things up, although I was good at what I did, I didn’t love what I did, so I thought doing it in a different environment would help.

Working in film was a wonderful change and I am so grateful for all that it has offered me, and all that it taught me, mostly about myself! but still, it never quite filled the void I had when it came to living my purpose.

When I was 27 my mom passed with Cancer. I will never forget that day as I visited her, and as I looked at her withering body in front of me, When a very clear and very loud voice came to me. it said… “This is not how people are supposed to die” I wasn’t sure exactly why that came to me at the time and what I was supposed to do with that information (I was still eating at McDonald’s and had absolutely no clue about anything relating to health, wellness, or medicine at the time!…. All I knew is that it started me down a path that taught me all of that and so much more.

I started studying everything there was to know about Cancer, health, how we get sick, what our bodies are capable of, the role the government played, and how they had been contributing to keeping the population sick by using medicine and drugs as a band-aid instead of dealing with the root cause of what makes people sick. and so much more… I had finally found what got my heart going.

From then on throughout my film life, I studied many things about health and healing. I took courses, became a yoga instructor, completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition health coach, got my Bachelors Degree at The University of Metaphysical Science. I studied anything and everything on spirituality, wellness health, body mind spirit. I discovered how much of a part it all played in keep us healthy.

There were times I attempted to leave my “job” but always ended up returning, I could never find the strength to fully commit, it just wasn’t my time to move forward.

After I was introduced to the Genius Biofeedback resonance Frequencies I was so inspired and excited to finally take it on! To finally take a leap and do what I had always wanted, that is to serve humanity in what I feel is a better way than I had been doing for most of my life. To help others to understand the brilliance of the human body, and how we need not be in pain, whether it be Emotionally, Spiritually, or Physically.

I was ready to put everything I knew together with biofeedback resonance frequencies and share the power of what can be accomplished.

I know many who have felt as I did, stuck in their jobs, not liking what they do but doing it anyway. Or maybe just didn’t know what else was available, or the circumstances were never right. To you, I want to say that it is never too late. You have everything that you need inside to make that leap, to take the steps that maybe you are afraid to take.

Biofeedback resonance frequencies can help immensely by clearing out the blocks that hold us back and changing our mindset we hold about ourselves and our lives that stop us from doing things we hold within our hearts. Resonance frequencies can help you to make a shift, enough of a shift to get you going. And once you make that shift, and become clear, there is no stopping you.

And to those of you who have been blessed with knowing and living your life’s purpose, I am thrilled for you! and if along the road of life, you meet with some bumps that may need your attention, I am here to help you move through them.

My goal is to help You relieve anything in life that is not in harmony with your being. To lighten the clouds that keep you from reaching your goals, and inspire you to live your purpose and, remind you that you need not settle for anything but the best of what is available to you.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your journey