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frequency and the body

Helping you balance your Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual disturbances using



frequency and the body

Your home space is an extension of who you are, and how you show up in life.

 If you’re not completely inspired with your home space, it may be time for change. 

 Consulting ♥ Redesigning  ♥ Redecorating 


organic vegetables, carrots  and greens

All of life is nutrition. Discover a clear path to helthy living, the imprtant role food plays in our Lives, and create a lifestyle that leads to health and happiness “Let your food be your medicine”

Emotional clearing 

Emotions can get the best of us at any given moment, but do we truly understand just how big a role they play in our lives?

Truth is that emotions play a very big

part in the quality of our lives.

Not only do they determine how we feel, but emotions can have a big impact on our health as well as the choices we make and how well we manifest our goals and our dreams.

Emotions left unprocessed tend to get

stuck in all areas of our bodies,

especially after experiencing something


It’s not so much the experience and having the emotion as it is that most don’t take the time needed to process what we feel. Instead, we tend to push it down and want it to go away.

Dense unprocessed energy can begin to

cause dis-ease wherever it chooses to

latch on to.

There are many ways to work in balancing, processing and, letting go of old energy, all of which do a great job but can take a long time to make any real effect.


Frequency helps to balance and release emotional energy by working in a very effective and profound manner.

Stuck emotions build walls and blocks,

keeping us from expressing our true


Frequency balancing works in layers, tearing down the blocks that were built, starting from the present and moving back into the denser matter that was created long ago.

This opens up space that will leave you feeling more relaxed and in control of not only your emotional state, but your decisions, choices and, quality of your life as a whole.


“Living Your Best Life Includes A Full Integration Of BODY MIND And SOUL”


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Facilitating  in your life’s  journey Using all aspects of Mind Body and Soul. Get in touch to find out how together we can design a plan specifically structured to work for you.


“When I was approached by my sister to try the Genius Biofeedback Frequencies through the quanta capsule, I didn’t think much of it, but once I started, I found that more than one area of my life and health had improved. I also find it to be calming, healing, and somewhat meditative”

Koreann Ciandre

I have been suffering from severe Tinnitus for almost 2 years now.  My healing process was with sound therapy which helped in reducing the severity, however, the process is very long and slow.  About 2 months ago I began adding the Genius Insight to my therapy which actually targeted specifically my Tinnitus.  In that time I have noticed a huge boost and acceleration of my healing process.  Every week there are noticeable gains. 

Debra Manu

“After my Genius session, I slept through the night for the first time in 3 months. I have had additional weekly sessions to work on other issues. My mood has greatly improved and I have started to consume much less sugar, an important goal to me since I am trying to lose weight! I find these sessions incredibly valuable and convenient. All I need to do is relax and receive the frequencies!”

“I was skeptical, but I also could not find any other solutions. My depression was deep and I was willing to try a couple of sessions. I experienced some tingling in my fingertips, maybe I am finally relaxing! I noticed that I have wanted to engage more in life and connect with others after 3 Genius sessions. I enjoy getting personalized frequencies on my phone that I can run at any time. I actually look forward to seeing which ones are coming next!”

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