How to create a successful internet marketing business

5 Elements Needed To Create Your Successful Internet Marketing Online Business

Growing your internet online marketing business

  Your Internet Marketing Online Business

It’s no surprise that everyone is flocking to the internet in hopes of growing their Internet marketing online business, especially once they realize the benefits of internet   marketing to business growth.

 But the unfortunate thing is that not everyone really understands all that is necessary to  truly make it in the online world.     

Online Business

Deciding to take your business online is a smart move but not too smart if you are missing the plan on how you are going to make it work for you.

That’s where a lot of people fall short not knowing what steps to take or exactly what you need to do to be a success.

These are the 5 elements that you must have when you are building a business online and they are in the order that they happen in.

When you get a hold of doing all of them consistently then and only then will your business start to build online.

1) Content

The first thing you have to get comfortable with is doing content.

The internet isn’t what it used to be back in the day where you could just come online and put up a few links and make a buck, oh no, people want much more now.

So you gotta give the people what they want!! and that’s information, value, content, and to learn something!

You do this by doing blog posts, articles, Guest posting, videos, social media podcasts, webinars or periscope.

There are so many opportunities of internet marketing to businesses thatit’s impossible for you to be at a loss for where to start.

So before anything starts to happen you have to share content so that people can see what you have to offer and decide if they will follow you

….It all starts with content

2) Lead Generation

The purpose of the content is to be able to give your audience a call to action, which is to lead them to something that you are giving away for free, “A lead magnet”  There are 3 pieces to your lead generation..

1) your lead magnet… where you will tell your audience to go to get what you are giving away for free.

2) Lead capture page….where you will capture their information, such as name telephone email address.

3) Email autoresponder….where you will be able to communicate with your list that you have grown.

3) Follow Up (Engagement)

This is the time to share with your email list, you can continue to share content of value and throw in offers, to get them to start the process of buying from you. creating sales.

4) monetization

Having a single offer is not a strategy, there are 3 methods to create your monetization.

1) Increase your customer base, get more leads.

2) Increase the number of transactions per customer, up sells, coaching, masterminds.

3) Increase the value of customer transactions, having a value range, giving high-end offers, or your biz opp.


This is the biggest one people get confused with, thinking that you need traffic 1st!! when it actually comes last.

When all the others are at play then you will start to get your traffic flow.

This formula and these elements are the key to doing your internet marketing online business and not feeling like you are running around in circles and getting nowhere.

If you want to have a significant impact on your business via the internet then these methods will work for any business that you are doing,

A home business, an affiliate marketing business, or a brick and mortar business it really doesn’t matter all that matters is that you do put the elements in their place and do them consistently.

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Rhosael Ciandre



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