Your Vision is the key to success. what’s yours?

What is that makes people unstoppable when it comes to their business? What makes people go-go and go and not give up until they are rock star’s and  leaders?

well there are a few elements that can make that happen, I’m going to talk about just one that just might be the key to your success, and can make the biggest difference of all


Without a crystal clear picture that you paint for yourself, and that has an emotional charge attached to it, becoming a top earner and a leader won’t be easy. 

So how can you find this big carrot that will keep you moving like never before? It’s something can  a take a bit of time to do. You have to dig deep inside of yourself than you have ever done before. It’s more than just a goal.

Goals are awesome and also a necessity on your journey, but while your vision is the big picture of a jigsaw puzzle, the goals are the pieces inside.pain pushes vision pulls

Ray Higdon, one of my mentors, always talks about a phrase that Dr Micheal Beckwith says…”Pain pushes you until the Vision pulls you”

Such a powerful phrase and absolutely true when it comes to growing your business.

I have seen many people shift the way the approach their business once they discovered exactly what their  Vision was.

All of a sudden things take on a whole new meaning, and magic starts to happen. The more I saw that the more I realized just how vital having a rock solid Vision really is.


When you are finding your Vision, it’s not just about what you want, it becomes more about who you will become and who you will affect in the process.

Making profound changes within yourself and others is the Big difference. It may be one person or it may be a group of people. When you help others to grow and change it will give you a sense of accomplishment that you have never felt before.

When you think of your Vision, it should bring up some emotion inside of you, The feeling of joy and excitement are things that will help keep you going toward it. rhosael ciandre joy

This is Important because when you go through the tough times that will come along with building your business, thinking about your vision, and the feelings that it gives you will help you to push trough.

One way to help you t get to your Vision, is to ask questions. 

Ask what you want, then ask why you want it. Keep digging deeper with every answer you come up with. It may take a  longer period to come up with the ultimate reason  you want what you do. but when you have gone far enough to where you really FEEL something inside of you then you have found the answer and   you will know. 

You know because you will find yourself very emotional about your answer. Or it will make you super excited just thinking about it.

Your Vision is generally about who you become and who’s lives you will change, or what you can contribute to our world or to the human race.

So for example a car is a goal, but you don’t have to become anyone or change anyone’s life to get it.

And helping someone overcome their fear on the other hand is you contributing to changing their life.

It will be very exciting for you when you know what your Vision truly is, you may  have finally found your key to success!!

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