Stop throwing up all over Social Media sites

If it’s one thing I don’t like is being thrown up on, and since I never had children, I managed to escape from it for the most part. But now that I am online and doing business, I seem to be getting my fair share!

Yep that’s what’s  been going on all day every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Linked en. Pretty much all the Social media sites out there!

Is it really that everyone thinks it works? Or maybe they just don’t know any better.

I’m going to go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they just don’t know any better.

For as long as I have been in this Profession, it has never been something I did, or liked seeing online. People pasting their URL to their biz op all over, sending messages saying, “I’m looking for like-minded people” who says that anyway?

One of my mentors, Diane Hochman, always says that you have to talk to people online the same way you do in everyday life.

So when you meet someone at restaurant, and you start talking to them, do you burst out with .. ” I am looking for like-minded people to share my opportunity with are you interested?” Probably rhosael ciandre not yourself not, so why Do it online? Point is.. Be yourself!

When I started to really market online, I was blessed to  have found an amazing system early enough, that teaches you all you need to know about marketing online the right way.

MLSP lays it all out for you. All of the marketing strategies, the right way to use them and how not to use them.

Taught by all the top leaders in the Profession, who used MLSP to help them get where they are now!!

And guess what, throwing up all over social media is a big no-no, and definitely not a strategy they teach.

I am going to share with you one of the biggest strategies that will make you stand out from the rest of the online world if you take it on.

Something that will let people start to see you as a leader, and not as someone who scatters their business all over your page.


learning how to brand yourself is the way to go.

so what does that mean anyway? Well instead of promoting your product or opportunity, you promote YOU!

Here’s the thing, you can spread your opportunity everywhere, maybe get a few people to join you ( although they probably won’t stick around long) and everything will be great right? But what happens if for some crazy reason; and unfortunately it does happen, your company goes down. That’s it! It’s over for you and you have to pick everything up and start all over again.

Not so much fun right? But what happens if you start building relationships with people …… This is a relationship business is it not? ……let them get to know You, start building a following and then they will begin to see you as a leader! How does that sound?

And better yet, if something was to happen to your company it won’t matter because your  rhosael ciandre better wayfollowers are following you… Not your company. If you do it right , they will follow you anywhere and buy from you anytime.

Building a brand is the best way to market yourself online, and if you really want to succeed on the internet, you had better start now.

But Branding yourself takes time, as I said, you will be building relationships, which doesn’t happen overnight, and giving your followers some value while you’re at it.

Sharing with them tips of the trade. What you know, what you learn, and any other advice you have for them about the industry.

the more value you give them the better. They will love you for it and see you as a leader. And they will follow you.

So if you are someone who just didn’t know ( I forgive you) but now you do! So change the way you market online and start building your brand name for yourself that will set you as a leader in the online world.








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