It’s no surprise just how many thousands of people join a Network Marketing company with the hopes of becoming a millionaire, or something more than they could ever have imagined before., yet before six months roll around they are nowhere to be found, with excuses like; “those things don’t work” “i got scammed” or “there was no one to help me 

But have you ever wondered, I mean really wondered, Why an Industry that has the ability to actually give you everything that you could ever dream of isn’t able to hold on to half of the distributors that join?

Well we all know that it’s not for the lack of money on the table!

Having these three things listed below will give e you a head start in being able to stay in the game, of Network marketing.

It’s a good idea to check in to see if you have them.


When I talk about a dream I mean a BIG dream. and better still not just one, how about a few  DREAM’S.

This industry is for… you got it…...dreamers. dream

I’m taking dreams that change lives. Dreams that turn you into someone you can’t recognize in 2, 5 or 10 years from now.

doing one on one’s to speaking in front of thousands of people, from working 18 hour days to working 4 and raking in more money than you made in a month then you did in a year.

If these are the types of dreams that you have rolling around in your head then you are in the right place.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone want’s big dreams or has the capacity to dream in that way, and that’s okay, It would just mean that they are happy where they are and are not looking for anything more.

This world is made up of billions of people, and we all want different things. That doesn’t make it right or wrong. just so we all are on the same page here. But this post is about what it TAKES! to make it in this industry and Big dreamers is one of those things.

There is a good reason that your dreams should be pretty substantial, and that is if your dreams don’t drive you, or make your heart sing when you think about them. If they don’t get you out of bed in the morning ready and raring to get to work then it;s likely that they wont take you to the promise land.


Okay so you got the dream thing down, congratulations. but guess what? that’s not nearly enough!

There’s lot of people who can dream of fantabulous things……okay so maybe  that’s not a word :)……  but unfortunately that alone is not enough to have their dream come true. There has to be some power behind the power boat for it to move forward!  want

In network marketing that power takes a lot of focus and determination. There will undoubtedly be a lot of ups and downs, maybe more downs than ups, And if you don’t keep the on button to the power switch close to you then you are likely to die out.

It’s not all so bad though, the challenges can be tough but they are all for good reason, the rewards that you will get at the end of the road are by far worth any challenge that you can put your mind to getting through.

Here is a quick story..

I have been in the industry for about 10 years now. most of that time I wasn’t really doing anything. although I had my dreams, and somehow deep inside knew that I wold make it, I also had a great paying job that I used as a crutch. So I would tell everyone that i had a business, but never worked my business. and when I did, and a challenge came my way I would run back to the “j.o.b” saying, well at least i have this great gig!! an excuse of course. 

As time went on and the urge to have something better…. my time was a huge reason for me, came to the forefront of my mind. Then I had a year where I looked around my working environment and just knew that it was time to change.

I was pushed to my limit.and made the decision to go for it, I mean really go for it. It was time to get serious.

I am telling you this story so you can see that the whole time I was in the industry I hadn’t been pushed enough to really make a change. I didnt‘t REALLY WANT IT!  I didn’t want it bad enough.

One thing that I am grateful that I had going on though was that I never gave up on it…


Thais the next thing I want to talk about.

Some people are able to join a company and within 6 months reach rock star status. Yet others will be around for years, and then suddenly they are on the stage preaching….’just don’t ever give up”

Well I would pay close attention to them if I were you..  sing

Just maybe you will be one that can reach the top in a few short months, but I’ll tell you what, it’s not the norm for that to happen.

And the ones that do, well you never really know the struggle that they might have had five or ten years earlier. My point here is try not to compare yourself.

Every one has a journey in life and it’s very much their own. The entrepreneurial journey is one of growth and challenges, and that my friend takes time to go through. and how much time is not for anyone to truly know.

But if you can enjoy the process as you move through, and just know in your heart that you will get there the time will fly by and whether it is 2 years of 10, when it does come around you will be eternally grateful for every step of the journey that you took.

When a basketball player first joins a team he as to learn the first steps, that is to dribble, and until he does that he wont be on the court playing the game. take your time, you will still be a part of the team. And like every ball player, your time will come to be on the court.

There is so much more that it will take to get to the other side of the rainbow, but these three things are a great start. Because if you can dream big, and you really want it, Then just stay the course until you get it and never quit until you have made it to Rock star status. 🙂

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To your massive abundance.

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