Social Media Marketing, What Not To Do.

Social Media marketing advice, things not to do!A Big Social Media Marketing No No.

There seems to be a lot of people doing social media marketing that disagree with this topic, I would like to say that they just don’t know any better!

But honestly, if you want to get the benefits of social media marketing then there is one tactic you will have to do away with!

And that is Stop throwing up all over social media!! that’s a blog post I wrote on this subject a while back, you can check it out!

And then have a listen to the video to get what i mean. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are using this as your social media marketing strategy, I hope you get that it only turns most people off and stops you from attracting qualified people to you and your business. 

I have to say since I have been online, doing business, I never used this strategy, I think it’s because I never liked it when other people did it to me even before I was using social media for my marketing.

It’s unfortunate that so many leaders, who are not online.. will tell their team to do this in order to grow their business.

…As I said, they just don’t know any better….

But good news!! it’s something that can be changed in the blink of an eye 😉 and when you change things up and opt for a different social media marketing plan you will see a difference with the types of people who you attract.

So clean up your page and start to rock your marketing by attracting the right person for your business!

P.S last chance to check out Social Media Local Prospecting Formula! and let me know how it helped you grow your team!

Helping you grow your business…



Rhosael Ciandre



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