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How To Run Your Home Business Like A Business


It’s all in the way you run your home business that is going to get you to the promise land..

And since most people who start building a business from home don’t know what’s entailed and the discipline it takes I’m gonna break it down here for you.

Cause here is the deal, If you don’t have a clue, and you are not taking these steps into consideration and practicing them… you WILL end up broke.

When I started my home business, I had read about all of the things that would help your business run smoother and get you results, but didn’t take them seriously… result?

A whole lot of nothing!  

So how are you doing?

Do you have a home business…really?

Do you have the work ethics it takes, and the know how to run your home business successfully?

Lets see… check out the points below to see where you stand..


Most who start a home business do so because you yearn for the freedom it promises, but knowing when to exercise that freedom is crucial.

Taking too many liberties in the beginning and not working hard enough to attain the true freedom you want and can have will only end up with you being free.. but broke.

Take the first 6 months to 2 years to work harder than you did at your JOB, give it all you got and when you do, your freedom will be yours.

It may even take longer, but if you set a schedule to help you through and stick to it you will win in the end.

helpful tips

…set a schedule, write out your days work before the day begins

…Do your most Essential tasks at the top of the day ( money-making activities)

…Use time blocking. block out a set time and do a task in that time. don’t stop until your time is up, use 30 min to 1 hour time frames.

If you are not able to focus for long periods of time you can use 10 or 15 minutes blocks and take 10 min rest in between.

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If you are trying to run your home business and you are using the computer, you definitely will have to practice this one.

We are all pretty much ADD in this day and age and if you work at home a lot of your “WORK” time ends up

watching funny cat video’s, or listening to someones video that just happens flash before your screen!

How about answering msg that come up, or emails?

These plus a whole lot of other distractions that can take you away from doing the work at hand.

Yes the work that will keep you in business and make you money!

Cut them out… here is how

…Turn off your telephone, I know it’s hard but just do it you will survive!

…Shut down any tabs you have up that you don’t need, Facebook, email, twitter etc.

…Tell your family you are working and not to disturb you


Learn when to say no. As an entrepreneur, a lot of times the people in our lives think that because we are working for ourselves, and that we set out own hours they can ask us to do all kinds of favours for them

But giving people rides, picking them up at the airport, helping them move and what ever else they ask us to do can take away from your work day.

And if that is the case, you need to learn how to say NO!

Explain to them how important it is that you keep your schedule for your business, and that you can help them when your hours of operation are over or on the weekend.

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Learning how to run your home business, like a business starts with creating a space to do your business in.

Having an office space to go to will help you to feel as though you are running a business.

Make it as professional as possible.

Keep all things that are not to do with your business out of that space, like your children’s toys, or dirty laundry!

Think of it as though you were going to job outside of your house, and treat it the same way.


Every business has hours of operation, why should your’s be any different!

Set hours that are suitable for you and stick to them. You will get more done than just working all hours of the day, and without the burn out!.


Take some time and go outside and get some fresh air.

Go for a walk or meet a friend for tea.

Entrepreneurs are known for burning the candle at both ends… and can often run into burning themselves out.

Although we know that hard work is necessary and that we often have to do more that is called for to get our business going, it’s important to take a break now and again.

For your sanity and for your health.

There you have it… 6 things that you can do to help you to run your business like a business.

It’s easy to skip these important points, but if you do them and make a habit of them then your chances for a successful home business will be much higher then if you don’t.

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