Never Quit if you want to make it

When you joined your first company, did they tell you it was going to be easy? How you were going to be rich and make all your friends rich too?

So by now you figured out that it was all a lot of HYPE!!!

So let’s get real down and dirty here… The truth is that there is no such thing as easy when you are building a business. It takes hard, focused, consistent work and if you are in any way looking for quick and easy! Well you are in for a big letdown.hard work

When the realization sets in you will quickly become someone who goes on to win; or someone who will lose…… So which one are you?

Here are 3 things that will makes a difference between someone who will make it and someone who won’t.


Winners will decide that even though it my take more than they anticipated, that they are going to make it happen no matter what

Losers will start to come up with all sorts of reasons why it won’t work. It’s too hard! It takes too much time, it’s not even a real business!!  I’ve been scammed! And whatever else they can think of.


If you manage to make it to the point where you start to build, then the first 6 months to a year will be a big test! There will be a lot of people who will try to steer you off of your course during this time. Lots of negativity, lots of challenges and times where you will want to quit.

Winners will dig down deep and not let someone else take their dreams away, They will push tough times.ahead, do the self-improvement and mindset work that you need to do and  keep their dreams at the forefront of their hearts and minds.

Losers will whimper at all the negativity, they will find all the reasons why they can’ t do it, They will think it’ just not for them, and scurry back to the job they dislike, and that’s waiting for them …..for the rest of their lives…

So by now there is only the winner that is still in the game, but the only way they will try win is if they……


This is the biggest game changer needed if you are going to win.

Even when you have a winning attitude and are dedicated to make it, you will have some challenges that can still take you out. The closer you get the more they may come along.

But if you make the decision to never ever quit no matter what and how long it takes will be the thing that takes you to the finish line.

No matter what you thought when you started out, the decisions you make as you go along are the ones that will get you through. Decide to be a winner and you will win!

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Here is to the winner in you 🙂



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