Network Marketing Events, Do They Work?

How many times have you heard…. Go to your company’s Network Marketing Events? It’s a bit old right?

Well why is it that you think your company and your leaders are always saying it?

Well there are Plenty of reasons why you should go to Network Marketing events, Put on by your own company and the industry in general! But the biggest reason is that THEY FLAT OUT WORK!!!!

Millions of people join a Network Marketing opportunity every year, so why is it that very few are able to make it happen for them? network marketing events

Here is a simple reason… In most business you have to go to school, get a degree or do some type of training to learn the tricks of the trade right?

Well why is it that when people join Network Marketing companies, never having any experience in sales or business for that matter, but expect to fly to the ranks of millionaire in a very short period?

When you think of it that way, you can see how absolutely crazy insane it is!!

but that’s exactly what happens, people join have way too much expectations, and then when it doesn’t happen for them in a month… they quit.

Yes the staggering 95% of people who join a company quit or do nothing with it.

So what can help change that? going to network marketing events can. 

Every one of the leaders in your company have one thing in common. they ALL went to most, if not all the events that their company had. and they still attend.

The reason is, this is where you Learn how to do the business and where we learn to become the person that you need to become to be a success.

I recently came back from an event,  and I want to share a few take aways that I got from it.

The event was LTD6 or ‘Live The Dream 6’. By far my favourite event to attend.

here is why….IT”S DIFFERENT !!

I’m a huge event goer, because I know what it takes to be a success and I also know who I need to become to get there, so it’s not an option for me to miss an event. MLSP grows leaders so it’s crucial to attend if that is where you are headed.11831698_611525645656677_8199514728401047560_n

LTD events I have noticed are very different.

It’s not easy to put your finger on it, you sorta have to experience it for yourself, but my belief is that the Leaders and the  community is what makes it.

I can talk all day about MLSP  all day because I love it so much, but this isn’t really about that particular event… it’s about what you can get from going to network marketing events and how you can become one of the 3 or 5% that are a success in your business


This is what it’s all about right? this profession is a place where we are forced to grow and to stretch  into a bigger better you.

there is no better place to be able to do that and the way to get there is by attending your events.


Getting to mingle with the top leaders and pick their brains about how they did it and how they can help you is priceless.

LTD events are extremely good for that, because EVERYONE is approachable and ready and willing to help. 11863415_611525572323351_4285159312237064781_n

Seeing what others are doing and learning what you can do will really help you to move your business forward.

Thought I would share a few pics from the event, enjoy 🙂


hearing the stories , and how people overcame their adversities, helps you to see that you can do it too, helps you to relate and gives you hope.


Whats new and what works now. important things to know, and yes you will always get the updates but getting it first hand is always best.


Do want to be one of the 5%? If you are not attending network marketing events, it’s not likely to happen. 

Every event will keep you there longer and any one could be the one that catapults you towards greatness and to success.

Most people will quit when they are so close, going to just one more event could have been the one for them, but because they chose not to, they fell short of the success that was theirs. 

Be different…. challenge yourself to attend every event for the next 2 years and see the difference in yourself and in your business.

Leaders don’t say “Go to network marketing events” for nothing. THey say it because they know



P.S Curious about MLSP? want to know more? check it out Here

Helping you grow your business


Rhosael Ciandre



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