Does Your Network Marketing Business Need a Challenge?

Did you make any resolutions for your network marketing business? Are they the same ones you’ve made for the past 5 years?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the month of January, some worth all the weight in gold and others… well you simply just don’t need to be a p[art of!

I’m pretty straight forward when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. and in my opinion there are a lot of things that everyone gets all excited about when the New year rolls around that are useless. (okay I did say this is my opinion ūüôā )¬†

But I¬†want to ask you this, When it comes to your business what has worked for you? Out of the tons of courses, books, and every other thing that you can get your hands on that “will finally give you the one thing that will change your life”, what is it?

If you found that ONE  thing then Congrats!!!!! cause its pretty rare that happens.

But if you are still looking for something ….giveaway kinda a lot of things inside of one big box!) Then I would urge you to find a Challenge of some sort that you can become a part of, which; in my opinion……. can change things considerably in your business and your life.

If it’s the right challenge of course

I happened to come across one last summer, that has truly put me  on a higher road, changed how my business looks and where it is going. 

It was simply the best thing that I have ever done. 

Depending on when you are reading this and if you decide to take on a challenge for yourself. Your 100 day Challenge will be happening again staring mid January..

So what does a good challenge look like?

Well the first thing that i will say , even before you join, is that you 


If you join and then do nothing then it will just wind up being one of those things that are useless!! and do you really need more of that in your life?

I’m sure you have more than enough of that hanging around, wouldn’t you say it’s time to change that?

Commit to following through and sticking with it till the end. That’s the only way it will change your life.

Okay that’s out-of-the-way…..

The number one thing that it should offer you is…


team_sThis is by far what most of us need when it comes to our business. having someone stay on top of you, making sure you are getting things done. 

Not just things…. the right things!!!

A great thing to do is find someone else within the challenge and become accountability partners with them as well while you do the challenge together, it will give you an extra boost when it comes to getting things done.


That kinda goes without saying but i’m putting it on the list so you don’t forget how important it is!!

If you are with a group where the leaders don’t walk their talk then drop out fast!!

Follow people you like and that have done, and do what they are showing you to do.

Also you want leaders that will push you. It can get uncomfortable at times, but that’s what changes you!

If you want to stay comfortable then you may as well not even bother. You get in it to grow not to be told how great you are…


This is another tough one for entrepreneurs with a Network Marketing Business to master.

When you do a challenge and really follow it, you will be doing certain things consistently for the period of the challenge.

This helps you to form a habit and If you continue afterward it will serve you well. So well that you r business will not look the same after a year!

That is definitely the point of it all. To change the face of your Network Marketing business, and to get you  doing things that help it to grow.

Most of us when it comes to our business, do more of what doesn’t matter then what does. When you change that around the magic will start to happen.


You want to be pushed… ¬†if you’re¬†told do something that makes you uncomfortable or fearful¬†even, then that’s exactly what you should make sure you do!!!

DreamYearChallengeQuote5A good leader will do that for you, push you to where you want to quit! 

If you get to that point … Keep going because you are about to break through.

This one thing is what keeps a lot of us back from exploding our businesses

We tend to stop ¬†just when you are about to tear down the walls of what’s been holding you back¬†for far too long.

Stick with it, get support, talk with the group and do what you need to do to move through being comfortable. It will do you the world of good!


This one is pretty huge, and with the right community it can be super awesome.

When we work at home or even if you are part-time, we can feel alone a lot of the times. especially if you do business mostly online.

Having a great group of people to connect with who are going through the same things that you are is very supportive and at times crucial to your success.

I am very fortunate to have that kind of support by being with an amazing community even when I am not doing a challenge.

I can say without a doubt that it’s the number one thing that has kept me going and made a huge difference Network marketing business.

If that’s something that you yearn to have.¬†check this out to see where I hang out and what keeps me going day in and day out.

You can do a 30 day trial to see just what I mean and how awesome everyone is and if for some crazy reason it’s not for you, then just opt out!!

If your challenge has a Facebook group that is the ticket! You want to be able to see who is in your group, communicate with them and make new friends in the process. 

This is a huge asset to how things will go for you while you are on the challenge.

If for some reason there isn’t a group that formed, you may want to suggest it to the leaders, or take it on yourself and start a FB group where everyone can connect.

As I said earlier, This is by far the biggest boost my business has ever had, and If you are having a stale moment and you want a booster for the New Year, find ¬†a Challenge and jump on in……..

Or If you want to take your network marketing business to another level check out YOUR 100 DAY CHALLENGE 

To a HUGE Year!!!


  Rhosael Ciandre


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