How to use gratitude for your business growth

How To Use The Wonderful Power Of Gratitude For Your Business

Using Gratitude For Your Business  

Using the power of gratitude for your business growth, is one way among many  available to you that will help you attract the people, experience’s and connections you are looking for to take your business to the level you want.

Before I share some good gratitude practices that you can incorporate into your daily life, I wanted to share a video with you..

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and a few years back, my sister Veronica Ciandre was inspired by the speech, “I Have A Dream”  and put together something that was pretty powerful, It’s all bout Gratitude, and using the power of being grateful “NOW”, to bring change and freedom into our world. 

One of the reasons most of us who start a home business is to have freedom. Having gratitude for your business consistently in good and bad times, is a way to bring you that freedom.

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1) Creating Business Gratitude Quotes

Creating change In our world, starts with creating change in ourselves, our lives, and our business.

Creating business gratitude quotes, Is a great way remind yourself how grateful you are..

You can place the around your house, or in your office where you can see them often. they can be quotes like..

….I am so happy and grateful for all the new leads that comes my way everyday

….I am so grateful for all the money that flows to me easily and effortlessly

….I am so grateful for the opportunity to give value to my raving fans every day

You get the picture! Saying them out loud puts more energy into them and will be more effective.

2) Gratitude Journal

Practice writing out how grateful you are everyday.

Having a gratitude journal to write in somehow makes the experience all that much more pleasurable. Find one that you love and that you enjoy writing in.

3) Letters, Emails, Cards

Get in the practice of sending out a thank you message to your clients or team mates. you can use whichever way you like to communicate best.

Some things you can say are

..I’m grateful for your business

…We appreciate your business and look forward to working more with you …

If you want to be more informal make up your own, with your own voice, the point is to let people know that you appreciate them, their business and working with them.

4) Thank your money

Whenever you receive a commission, a check, or any other form of payment, say “thank you”

You can whisper it or shout it out loud!!! but be grateful for any money that comes your way. This will open the door for more to flow to you

5) Thank Your Fans And Your Friends

If you are marketing online, try sending a thank you msg to whoever you become friends with,follows you  or who likes your page.

It can take some time, but you can always outsource when your list gets big, but it’s a great gesture not only making your fans feel great but will show your gratitude.

6) Gratitude Shower

Try using the time you are in the shower to list at least 20 things you are grateful for in your business.

If you are still at a job, and are sometimes crunched for time, doing this while you are doing something you have to do anyway will help you to keep up the practice of being grateful everyday.

Whatever you do, Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude for your business, just like all other areas of your life, when you are grateful for the little things, you open yourself up to receiving more.

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