How to use canva for your social media needs

How To Use Canva To Crank Up Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Canva, An In Depth Tutorial.

I decided to put this tutorial together on how to use because so many people ask me how do I make all of my images for my blog or my social media photos

I gotta say that canva is my absolute favourite website and one I am so grateful for.

Not only am I able to create fun and amazing images, but I am a creative gal so for me, It’s a whole lotta of fun!

This is a long tutorial but it will give you a very good idea of some of the things you can do with

Your Social Media Marketing

If you do any marketing on social media, then canva is something that you definitely want to include in your arsenal of things you use.

Along with a few other websites that  I will share with you later where you can grab photos from that will help you to create amazing photo’s and meme’s that you can you for all purposes When you do your social media marketing.

It’s pretty easy to create photo’s with canva, it may take a few goes but once you get the hang of how to use canva, you will be creating all sorts of pretty cool photo’s as well as covers and pretty much anything you can imagine with it!

Below is a list of other sites you will want to use in conjunction with canva to make the best out of your social media marketing.


With canva it’s mostly free, but there are some pics and other images that you may have to pay for if you choose to.

But don’t worry it wont break your bank, it’s usually only $1 per item so no big deal! Here area few other royalty free sites where you can get photo’s from.. If i don’t see any free photo’s available in the canva library this is my first stop. has great pics but I still find better ones at, but because 123rf  is a paid site, i check pixabay out first. 

This is my favourite royalty free site for pics, i find that the choice’s are really good and I can always find something that I want to use. 

Another good site, The only thing you have to remember is that you have to attribute the photo’s if you use the free pics. You can pay for photos here but I find that the cost is a bit much per photo.

Facebook Ads Checker 

If you do ads on Facebook, you will want to use this to check the word count you have on your photo, if you have any at all. Facebook will only allow 20% text on an ad and this tool will make sure that you don’t go over.

Head on over to canva now and start creating cool pics for all of your social marketing needs… and have some fun!!

P.S if you found this post helpful, I’d love to know about it 😉

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Rhosael-Ciandre How to use Canva for social media marketing

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