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How To Have A Longer Lasting Connection Using Social Media

Connection Using Social Media 

If the art of connection using social media,is part of your strategy,  then this tip will help you to have people stick around you a lot longer.

We can spend a lot of time sharing such amazing Value with someone knowing how much it will help them, but when you give people just a bit more they will want to hang around you for a lot longer.

This will help especially if you are using social media to market your business.

As we know the longer you have someone in your space the easier it is for them to want to buy from you or join you in a venture.

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Using Social Media For Business 

If you use social media for business, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t be! then this is going to allow your relationships to be longer lasting and you will have a far better connection using social media.

I can tell you from experience, when someone who I have just met goes out of their way to make me feel good, I absolutely remember them and it leaves a better impression of them.

It’s a crazy thing but it works… people want to feel good and sometimes they crave for someone to notice them.

So when you are the  one that comes along during your first connection using social media and make them feel good about who they are, the chances of them being a business partner will be higher.

This is a fantastic business strategy, but it doesn’t just stop there. when you make it a practice to make everyone who leaves a conversation you have with them feeling better about themselves amazing things will happen in your life. 

It’s a great tip on how you can be using social media effectively to build your business, as well as using social media for recruitment, especially if you are looking at things for a  long-term.

P.S My good friend Jessica Higdon has a fantastic course on how to connect and recruit on social media you can check it out here.

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