Tips for a warrior mindset

How To Get A Warrior Mindset That You Can Use To Explode Your Business

Having a Warrior Mindset

Creating a Warrior Mindset when it comes to business, Money Relationships and personal matters, can be a challenge and takes commitment to making the changes happen, but mostly to have them stick.

But when you commit to the process It will change everything in your life and can take your business from nowhere, and send it through the roof.

How would it feel to be able to create a whole new life you never thought possible simply by changing the way you thought?

Well it is highly possible and all it takes is a commitment to a process and a bit of time.

Time however, is something that I think stops most people from making it happen. Somehow when it comes to change, most people want an instant results.

They may take something on and when it doesn’t show up in a month they decide it doesn’t work and quit.

Sorta like building a home based business. “try” it out for a month, make no money and decide home businesses or making money online doesn’t work.

Creating your Warrior Mindset

To start you must recognize that your mindset is what is holding you back and to also take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

If you think everything is someone else’s fault other than your own. you will never change.

Like everything else, change begins with realizing that there needs to be one!

In order for you to have a warrior mentality there needs to be a shift and a decision that you will do what it takes to create one.

It can sometimes take things getting really tough, or for you to have a huge setback before you make a decision to change your life.

Using your mind to do it is a sure-fire way for massive change…..if you take a warrior stance and do it until….. 

Some steps to help you out….

1) Write down all the non serving statements you tell yourself. for instance,

“Why is it taking me so  long to get this right?” “

I am so bad at this!”

“I can’t afford it”

“I don’t deserve this” …. You get the picture!

2) Now change the statement into one that is positive and will help you to move into a different vibration. such as…

” I am really good at” ____

 “I can afford anything I choose”

“I deserve to have the life that I dream of”

Sometimes using these kind statements, Affirmations, can be difficult because your Negative mind, the one who wants to keep you broke, lonely and busted, will tell you otherwise….. might say something like, Um that’s not true! or yeah right!

If this seems to happen, I have something that will make it even easier for you to make this work.

3) Instead of writing out your affirmations write them out as questions. these are called afformations. 

These are super powerful because when you ask your mind a question it will automatically start to search for an answer.

That’s because that is what your mind does, like a computer searches for what you tell  it.

So if you make a statement, it will agree with you unless your vibration is high enough to agree with the statement in some way If you are not on the same vibration of the statement it will simply take what you said and agree with that and say “Yes that’s right you are broke!”

When you put the statement in a question form such as,

“How cool is it that I can afford anything that I want?” Your mind will say, yeah how cool is that!, and will find a way for you to afford anything you want!!!  

Warrior Mindset Training

Getting your statements or questions down on a piece of paper or your notebook is only the beginning,

The other half of thee equation is where most people fall apart ….this is where the “warrior mindset training” sets in.

This is where you actually train your mind to start thinking differently, this part takes some time commitment that most aren’t willing to give.

Daily Commitment

4) You must put aside some time Every Day if you want things to change.

This is where you will spend quiet time asking the questions, reading your affirmations and seeing yourself in the place that you want to be in.

It’s not only important that you see yourself having doing or being where you want, but you must also be able to feel the feelings of how it will be when you are there.

Feeling is a crucial part of the training process. when you are in the state of the feeling you will have, your vibration will rise, and the higher your vibration is and the longer you are able to stay in a higher vibration the quicker you will achieve that warrior mindset that you are after.

You must be on the same level vibrationally with the thing that you want for it to come to you.

That is how the Law of Attraction works and what you need to train your self to do.

To be a warrior, you must fight till the end.

So to have a warrior mindset you will have to train every day until you have what you want. make a commitment and make strides towards having everything you want in your life and your business. 

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