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Every one has something that they are particularly good at and enjoy doing, but what does that look like to you?

Are you a creative person? do you like to  write, or read? Maybe a visionary, one who likes to make videos? or put things together? 

There’s also being analytical; someone who likes the facts and numbers. Or the social butterfly needing to know everyone name and what they are up to at an event? And then there are  the reserved quiet type, who loves to be around people but stands back and watches for the most part good at

Whichever one it is, ALL have their place in the pool of Network Marketers!

Your job is to find it.

Not everyone is going to be good at doing it the traditional way of getting out there and talking to everyone everywhere, along with the 200 names of friends and family your told to make a list of when you first joined…… I think that strategy alone loses a lot of people right off the bat!

But the thing is, even if you do gather up a crew of a thousand people, the ticket is not how many people you bring in, but in how many of them stay around?

So if some of your friends do join because you handed them to a stranger who was brilliant at recruiting, and they don’t know how to recruit quite like your upline ….they will more than likely hit the ground running, but not in the way you would like!!

If you want to know how to find what your good at and what your strong points are there a few ways that are my favourite. 


Yeah I know it sound kinda silly, but your friends are the best people to tell you what you are good at doing because they know you well. If you make a list of about 5 people and ask them If they can tell you 5 things that they think you are good at doing, you will be surprised at how quickly and easily they come up with the answers. And usually it will be more than 5

hanging also a great way to get a  little insight into yourself that you may not ordinarily see. Most times we don’t look at ourselves as being really good at something, especially if it is something that you do naturally and may take for granted. This way can open your eyes to something that you never really thought of.


There are a few Personality tests you can take; my favourite is the Briggs and Meyers test.

It will take you through a series of questions and come up with your personality type. A very helpful way to finding what you are good at!

another is a book called 80/20 sales and marketing by Perry Marshall. If you buy his book 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More It comes with a test at the end.

There are many others out there, these are just a few that I have done myself.

What I love about the system that I am using now,  MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO, is that it is  University that has every way you can build your network marketing business covered inside. And every strategy needed to do it.

So once you know what you want to focus on you have all the tools that will help you to do it in YOUR way.

Doing the work is the next task…. As I said focus on ONE strategy and do it CONSISTENTLY until you are making enough money to move on to something else.

This is really important, because it is so easy to want to dabble in everything. But being consistent is Key. Just keep doing it until it is working for you.

So if you are having any thoughts of quitting because the way you are doing your business isn’t working for you.

There are other ways so don’t give up until you have exhausted the task of finding what you are good at

Keep looking and then try it out, when you find it, it’s bound to change everything for you.

To your massive abundance 😉

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