Count Your Blessings and get on with your Home business


Today is a bit of a different post..

I watched a video the other day and  it touched my heart. It was about a young boy who is 14 years old and has a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)  This is a disease that affects the skin and anyone who has it lives to no more than 30 years old.

As I watched it I realized just how amazing this young man was and how strong he is in having to deal with this on a daily basis.

It made me think of how incredibly clueless we can be in OUR daily lives, especially when it comes to dealing with our Home business.

Someone says no, and we quit… we cant figure out how to do something online… and we quit. someone on our team complains, and we quit. it’s taking a long time to make money… and we quit blah blah blah how weak can we be!!!

We are so blessed to be able to have our health. To be able to do all the things that we choose to do, we take so much for granted every day.Count Your BLessings!

We have so much going for us as healthy capable human beings and yet we can be so weak when it comes to something so simple as growing a Home business..

Jonathan is a prime example of how someone faces adversity and challenges. who pushes through and finds the strength to carry on and to go even further and want to help others.

So I urge you to watch the video and just think of how you operate when it comes to your business and remember what YOU have and how blessed YOU are and know that YOU can do anything and that YOU are fortunate to be able to do what YOU want in life.

I hope that You enjoyed the video and the point of this post is to get you to remember how blessed you are.

Count your blessings every day and don’t sweat the small stuff!!!!

to your massive success.

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  Rhosael Ciandre



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