a tip to get more likes on your fan page

Super Simple and Creative Tips for Facebook Video Ads to Increase Your Likes”

Doing Facebook Video Ads to get more likes? Wise Decision! but when you are just starting out, Facebook  Video ads can really add up when you don’t have a big budget. If you already have a huge following on Facebook, you may not need to focus so much on getting likes and growing your fan…

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How to create your customer avatar

How to Create a Customer Avatar to Help you Attract the Right People to Your Business”

How To Create A Customer Avatar. Most people don’t even know what one is let alone know how to create a customer avatar! Since that’s true for most people who are doing online marketing, let’s start there.. What is an ideal customer avatar? Actually asking what is an avatar? may be a better place to…

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Tips for a warrior mindset

How To Get A Warrior Mindset That You Can Use To Explode Your Business

Having a Warrior Mindset Creating a Warrior Mindset when it comes to business, Money Relationships and personal matters, can be a challenge and takes commitment to making the changes happen, but mostly to have them stick. But when you commit to the process It will change everything in your life and can take your business…

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tips so that you never run out out ideas for content

My top 7 Killer Ideas For Content Marketing

Ideas For Content Marketing By now you are probably aware of how valuable content marketing is for your business, so having great ideas for content marketing should be at the top of your list. And why is that?

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how to experience life in a new way... change your mindset

How To Change Your Mindset by Opening up to a New Experience

A new Experience Can Change Your Mindset.. It Could be time to change your mindset if  you have ever totally cut yourself off from the idea of doing something, going somewhere or meeting someone who you previously judged Do you sometimes feel you have no interest in doing or having a certain kind of experience?…

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Tips to help you with your video marketing

A Video Marketing Strategy To Help You Get More Done

Video Marketing Strategy To Help You Out. Having a video marketing strategy, or a marketing strategy for anything that you are doing for that matter,  is a good idea. This one will help you get more content done. Helps You  keep things moving and keeps you on top of what you should be doing on…

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a way to go towards a success mindset

Are You Using Your Mindset of Success to Help You to Skyrocket Your Life?

A Mindset of Success A mindset of success can change the direction of your life, Some say they have it but are still using their minds negatively and instead of creating what they want, are creating just the opposite. The road to self-improvement can be a long one with a lot of ups and downs,…

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3 Solid Facts Why Good Content Marketing Strategy Matters

 Why You Need A Good Content Marketing Strategy  Content marketing, and having a content marketing strategy, is for one main reason, and that is to deliver fresh, unique and valuable content that taps into your target audience out to the marketplace and be found But what happens when you get your content out there to…

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