Avoid Facebook Jail

Behind Bars, Can You Really Avoid Facebook Jail?

How To Avoid Facebook Jail

The truth in the matter is this, there really isn’t a way to avoid Facebook Jail, you can only take precautions, cause when Facebook is ready , they are coming to get you and there ain’t no hiding!

I like to think that I am a law abiding gal, never did anything wrong in my life… when it comes to the law at least…. and I always try to follow the rules. But a few weeks ago, I was sent to the slammer! thankfully not the real one, and I suppose if I am gonna go to jail, Facebook jail is as good as any!

In my opinion,the question, how to avoid Facebook Jail doesn’t really have an answer.

Ans I say this because it doesn’t matter how good of a marketer you are, it there is something Facebook doesn’t like about what you are doing, you are going to the jailhouse.

Hint #1 Know what Facebook likes and play as close to the rules as you can! As a marketer, I use Facebook groups as a part of my marketing strategy, and I have been doing so for a while now.

I regularly post into and join new groups every day, so how did I get caught and sent away for a full 24 hours!! Here is the deal.

I am a part of a fantastic marketing group where I learn new strategies every week on how to grow your business online.

A few of us in the group, well maybe a bit more than a few! jumped onto an incredible course that is being led by the talented, Diane Hockman, where she is showing us how she makes a good size amount of money by using a small size list to do it.

Part of the pre course was to have a sort of a post fest!! meaning we were all going to be posting in groups as a way to get free leads.

Using a few of out amazing campaigns that our system has created for us and sharing them to groups we belong to…

I happened to get a little carried away on the first day and joined a few too many groups then I usually do at one time, and found myself in jail the next day! but only for 24 hours.

Now I didn’t get put away for posting in groups but for joining groups, which isn’t my normal activity to join a lot at a time.. But i did, so it was really my bad.

Hint #2 …Don’t join too many groups too fast.

But guess what? I also didn’t freak out! a day goes by pretty quickly and there are other groups and social media sites that I could hang out in so I just picked myself up and went elsewhere until my time was up.

Hint #3 Life goes on and it’s certainly not the end of the world. If you are put behind bars, just get innovative and carry on!

But there is more to the story, I am not the only one that wound up in jail.. It seems as though our links to the campaigns we were using.. and again there were a LOT of us using them… anyway they got flagged by FB because all of a sudden those links were all over, and FB didn’t know what hit them.

This caused a lot of people to end up behind bars, even our coach who is a fantastic marketer, and has never been in the slammer herself.

So here is the lesson..

So many people were beside themselves trying to figure out how to avoid Facebook Jail, or how to get out of Facebook Jail when they are inside, or even how to get around it when they were in!

Hint #4 It’s not the Penn! It’s Facebook, so get over it!

Hint #5 If you really have to do something, create another profile, and keep on keeping on.

As entrepreneurs, there are always obstacles that we will face, wether it be Facebook Jail, getting shut down on you tube, or any other social media shut down that we may face.

But if we are not able to get past anything that comes our way, such as being in FB jail, we will never be able to become a leader or build a successful business online.

So instead of sitting around wondering how to avoid Facebook Jail, carry on doing what needs to be done, and if you happen to get put away, then deal with it, move on and be the leader you are meant to be. Stop wining and complaining about how come Facebook did this and how come Facebook did that.

Step up, do what needs to be done and stop wondering about how to avoid Facebook Jail because there is no absolute answer to that question.

And in the big scheme of things….. it doesn’t really matter.  

P.S if you want to check out the amazing campaigns that sent Facebook for a loop, you can find them inside this system 

Helping you grow your business online..

Rhosael-Ciandre How to avoid Facebook Jail

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