How to avoid Paralysis in Network Marketing

Getting Stuck in your network marketing business

Here is the 2nd video for the series on Moving through the jungle of your Network Marketing Biz

Not that this is a regular thing…but when you are in the forest, and  something jumps out at you, Do you become paralyzed?

That is the topic for today… The great thing about this topic, is that if you’re armed and ready to take on whatever is coming at you, and you know what to do to  keep you moving, then no worries!! paralysis will be non-existent!!

Just like being aware of your surroundings, in the jungle, and knowing whats out there and how to protect yourself then you will have more confidence when you are in it.

 Listen to what could stop you in your tracks, and what you need to do so that you stay on top of what could happen.

Watch the video to see what I mean…

#1 Stay out of your head while you grow your Network marketing business 

That’s number 1! As Network Marketers we can have so much negative talk running our life, the best thing is to learn to stay away from it. Just don’t listen to it because it is usually dead wrong anyway!!!

#2 Take responsibility! 

Take responsibility for what you have decided to do. Do the work that it takes to move your business forward.  

#3 Finding belief

If you don’t have the belief you need then find a way to build it so many ways for you to do that, It’s a very important step and one that can keep you back for a long time if you don’t snap it in the butt!!

#4 Invest in yourself

A great way to build your belief because as you grow you will believe in yourself more. books, courses, event all these are great ways.

#5 Taking Action

Taking action will get you moving and take you out of paralysis. If you are not doing the action required to grow your biz then you will more than likely be paralyzed!

So stay tuned for video #3 that will be coming to you soon!! And until then keep moving through the great unknown and you will make it out the other side successfully!

P.S  If  you are struggling for leads in your Network marketing business, and you missed clicking the  link on the video…here it is again 

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