The Importance of Accountability Groups or Partners while growing your business

Why Accountability groups are important

Having just come out of a 100 day challenge recently, I wanted to share what I have learned about how important being connected and having accountability groups or a partner really is.

First of all I have to say that If you get a chance to actually take part in any sort of challenge, especially the one that I had the privilege to be in, which was led by Justice Eagan and Adam J Chandler and called ‘The 100 day business builder challenge” jump on it… you won’t be disappointed. .

We were in the live challenge but there is a recorded version that is also safe_imagedoes a fantastic job, A good idea is to get a few people together and do it with them. that. 




You can pick The 100 day biz builder challenge up here if you want to get started.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we finished but tonight I jumped on a hangout with one of my fellow biz builders, Jason Yesser, and it inspired me to write this.

When you are building your business it can sometimes seem as though you are all alone, especially if you are doing it  online. You and your computer become really close, and although you will be talking to others online and reaching out to your prospects, there are many times where there is no one around when you need that guidance to keep on going.

For this reason alone it shows how necessary it is for you to stay connected to people who are going the same place as you.

The challenge helps you to stay focussed and deliver when you’re asked to deliver.It brings out the competitor in you because when everyone else is getting things done, you most certainly don’t want to get left.behind.

It helps you to grow by seeing what others are doing, Pushes you to do more and pulls you to keep up. All of which have truly helped me within my business.

Having people around you who have similar goals as you will drive you to do more, it’s that simple. 

What I have noticed is that when the challenge was over I craved being around similar people. People that understand the profession and who you can throw around some ideas with and even talk about your challenges with. I love the idea that this has become a part of what I want to continue to have in my life. It may not be in a group setting but having at least one person that you connect with on this level is something that will help  to move your business forward and share the journey with. team_s

We all hear how an accountability partner is a must, And now that I have had the experience, I will make sure that I always have one on my journey. Also it’s best to look for  someone who believes in you, because when you go through those times that you stop believing in yourself, they will be there to tell you that they believe in you.

Your partner can also come in the form of a coach. Having a coach as you grow your business, and even when your business has blown up is critical. We all know that the biggest sports figures always has a coach by their side!

So don’t wait till you go through a challenge, find yourself someone or a few people who you can get around often and that will help you out along the way.

Grab your copy of The 100 day biz builder challenge here

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