If your anything like me, you have more than likely had the thought that there must be more to your life

It’s been a burning question in my head for a long time, feeling as though   there was a better to live life and to be of service in a way that could impact others a big way.

 Don’t get it twisted!!! I love my life as I’m sure you do too! but have you somehow just known that there was something bigger, something louder than the way you are  living?

 I’ve been doing hair since I was 18 years old. I got a job in a salon when I was in school, and basically just stuck with it.

I have been very successful in my career, starting out in salons for the first 8 years before I moved into the film Industry.

That’s where I have been for the past 25 years now… WoW! time sure flew by!!


Well maybe not so much, although I have had an amazing ride working with some amazing people in my life The film Industry isn’t as glamorous as it seems

The instability; never knowing when your next gig is, and the long, long, long long long, ……did I mention long?  hours that sucks the rest of your life and freedom right out of you. 

Oh! there’s that word, FREEDOM! now that’s what I was looking for! 

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I’m a free spirit, always have been and my freedom was what was missing.I’m also a world citizen…. a traveler at heart getting away every chance that I can trying to fill my insatiable hunger to see it all; the world. 

I was never a 9 to 5 gal and along the way realized how someone else telling me what to do when to work, and when to take a vacation, was NOT for me.

Maybe that’s part of the reason you happen to be looking around for something that you could do to finally get your freedom, and have a life that you can actually say that you own.


Have you ever been to an event that changed the direction o of your life and how you thought about it completely?

 2007 I went to an event, you may know it, it’s called the Millionaire Mind Intensive with T Harv Eker.

It opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities that I wasn’t aware of,  and showed me options that were available.

That was tthe event that changed the direction of my life…It began the process of me becoming something bigger and better… that was it for me… I making some changes in my life.

That event introduced me to Network Marketing, I was all in from that moment.

Now you may or may not be in a Network Marketing company, but if you are or have been you may know what I mean!

Since then I have been in 3 companies, before my present one and I have finally discovered the possibilities that lie ahead and what the future has in store.

The most amazing thing  is Knowing that I now have a 5 year plan that will give me a life of complete freedom instead of the one I was on where no future of freedom was in sight.

So What’s your 5 year plan? do you have one? If You are looking to change the way your life looks, then ask yourself the question…. 

“If you don’t change anything in your life today, where will you be in 5 years?”


At the moment I am still working part-time in the film Industry, I give gratitude for what I do because it allows me to support myself on my journey to my freedom

To spend more time with my friends and loved ones, And be able to share all of this with those that are looking to make changes in their lives and embrace the freedom that is waiting for them. If that is you, then I invite you come along and take this journey to freedom with me.


I recently took my business online, looking for another way to build.

What I found in my search was a group of entrepreneurs that have shown me a way to attract reps to my business online.

It’s not something that has happened over night but what I have learned and have been able to do is mind-blowing. 

I now attract between 5-20 leads a day ( and these are targeted leads who come to me!)

I Have built a team training site 

And I now have people reaching out to me asking to join me in what I am doing.

Just think how that could help and your business? I certainly never knew how much it would!!


I am ecstatic about my future and what lies ahead, And am grateful to be able to work with others and change lives.

I am very grateful that you took the time to read this and pleased to have met a new friend!

 Please let me know if there is any way that I can help you or how I can add value to your life. 🙂



I look forward to seeing you here more often! 

Rhosael Ciandre

email  rhosael@gmail.com


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