6 Reasons People Fail in MLM Opportunities


I hope that’s not you!

Are you consistently failing forward? Is your business going around in circles?

If so, you may want to step back and do a once over on what you got going on!

Im gonna reframe that, just in case you took that the wrong way…

Failing is a good thing, without it you have no measuring stick as to what you have to work on or change.

But if it just keeps repeating itself and you are not learning g anything from the mistakes that you make then it would do you some good to make sure that you have all the ingredients necessary to go on.

So  if for whatever reason you are in that place, or maybe you had success and seem to be in a bit of a funk.. I have a list of..




Why on earth would anyone lack desire?

People think they want to join your MLM opportunities, but have a lot of myths that they think it is, and what they should expect.

The biggest being “get rich quick”! I think that unfortunately is one reason people want to become a part of this profession, because they are led to believe that’s what will happen! But then reality hits and they realize that’s it’s actually a business and a little effort is what is required

What happens then, Is that they lose interest and lack the desire that’s necessary to continue.

The desire wasn’t there in the beginning because they never had a solid reason to join in the first place.

So what kind of reason do you need? You need to have a VISION.

You can check out my blog post “You Vision is the key to your success” to learn how important it is

But in a nutshell…. Without a Vision you will not have the desire to continue.


As I stated in #1 Vision is what will give you fuel to make your business a success.

You’ve gotta find out just what that is and it has to be something that will inspire you enough to keep going. It has to be something that makes your body smile.

If it’s not strong enough it won’t keep you there.


Most of us these days have no focus, total cases of ADD!

There’s just way too much going on around us that’s fighting for our attention.

Learning the skill of focus is more important now then it ever was.

If you can’t focus on what’s in front of you it’s gonna be tough to have success in it.


Not having the discipline to stay focused, to stick to a schedule, a plan or to execute what has to be done on a daily basis.

Self discipline is crucial in MlM. You have to be able to motivate yourself when nobody is around, get up when you are down and do what’s necessary even when you don’t want to.


Wanting everything now! That’s how it is in society today.

We all want results now, today! In the Network Marketing  profession, we can’t allow ourselves to think that way

This is a profession where self-development and growth are huge components to your business.rhosaelciandre.com sprouting

We have to allow time to sprout, and give ourselves the time required for that to happen.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight, It may come sooner for some than for others, but being able to relax into the process and allow the room for it to occur is what is necessary.

If we can learn to enjoy every moment and enjoy the process it becomes much more gratifying when we reach our destination.


The biggie!

Who doesn’t have it? We all do.. And it’s not going anywhere.

Fear, if we let it, can be our friend. When we realize that our biggest fears can lead to our biggest successes then we can rejoice in it.

If we can learn to use it for our own good, by facing it, standing up to it, taking it by the hand and walking with it, then huge transformations can occur.

If there is something you have a lot of fear around, then realize that there is a huge opportunity for you to grow leaps and bounds.

The thing is, when you move through it, it’s more than what the thing itself is that you fear, it’s what it REPRESENTS unconsciously

So when it’s conquered, it can take a whack of other issues you may have with it!

so instead of running from fear, look for what fears you most, then go for the break through

These 6 reasons are why most people fail in their MlM opportunities

But that doesn’t have to be you. If you are struggling with one or all of these, then take one at a time and work through them.

everything can be overcome, if you are serious about your business then you will do what it takes to make it a success.

There is nothing better than when you are struggling with something, and you take the time to work through it or strengthen the skill, and come out shinning.

Take on whatever is keeping you down and make a commitment to rise above it, cause if it’s one thing I know, it’s that YOU can do this….. The question is…… Do you want to?

I hope you got value out of  this post, if you did please leave me a comment below letting me know how it helped.

My biggest joy is knowing that I have helped someone along in their journey, and Today I hope it was you

To your success


Rhosael Ciandre




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