5 killer Ways To Boost Your Blog Posts


That will get you more clicks to your website, more time spend on your site by your audience, more shares and ultimately more leads.

Do you know how much time your audience is spending on your blog?

If you are blogging, isn’t that what you want? People to actually read your posts, and possibly share them with others?

Here are 5 ways to boost your blog posts that are easy enough for you to put into place and will help you keep your audience on your page, get more shares and more leads.

#1) Boost Posts on Facebook and Social Media

The best ways to boost your blog post on social media is to add variety to your messages when sharing your posts.

Spend a few moments to write out 5 or more different messages when you share your posts on social media.

Having a few different ways to present your posts will not only add variety and catch more people’s attention, but will also help on social media sites by not having the same headline over and over again.

2) Ask Questions

Asking questions is always  a great way grab people’s attention. Make sure you ask questions that will make your audience curious.

Open ended questions help because people tend to always want to have a say and to answer them, or give their opinion.

3) Use facts And Statistics

Readers love statistics, What people want most of all when reading an article or a blog post are results. something that will teach them.

Posting a shocking statistic or fact in you heading will draw people to your post.

If you don’t know any statistics, its easy enough to gather information from other people, and it’s totally fine to do so!

4) Share Tweetables

Even if not one person read my blog, I would still write it every day. #Seth GodinClick To Tweet

Sharing Tweets that can be shared by your audience is a great way to boost your blog posts and get your name out there.

A great tip is to share a quote and to tag the author of the quote.

If for instance you find a great quote by Anthony Robbins, ( or Seth Godin!) share it and put a hash tag on his name!

He has a huge following and by doing that your tweet can be seen by a big part of his audience.

Also people love to hear positive quotes and to share them, they are the most shared item on social media so why not make some available to be shared on your post.

I use the Social Warfare plug in.. (which I love!!!) and it allows you to put a quote on your site that can be tweeted  right from your page.

There are others out there, so it would be a great idea to grab a plug in that you like and put it to use!

5) Brighten Your Post Up With An Image

Add an image or a video to your post.

Most people when they land on your page will scan it and when they don’t see any color or something that catches their eye right away they are more likely to click the back button.

By far the easiest ways to boost your blog posts is to add an image

Put at least 1 image on your page. this will also help when you share it on social media, as the image will most likely pop up and will help attract readers to your post.

Make sure the image or the video is relevant to your post, don’t just throw anything up!

If you want a great website to help you with your images for all of your social media, Here is a video I shot on how to use canva.com which is where I create just about all the images I use on my website and for all of my social media images. 

Hope this post was helpful!

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