5 key Things to Success in Your Home Business


Its highly likely that when you first joined a home business you jumped right in without even knowing the first thing about working one!,  Well don’t feel any way because pretty much all the leaders out there that are rocking it did the same thing.

But if you had a bit more insight about what you need to do and what is necessary for success do you think that could help you out?

Well I have 5 key things that when you have in place can help you tremendously in making your mark in the first year or two of your home based business.

I was listening to one of my mentors Vince Reed on a call the other day and he listed these must have’s and because I absolutely agreed with him I thought I would pass the message on!!

So here goes..


 This seems sorta silly because of course the company you are in is the right one right?

Well not always! Sometimes you can get so carried away with the excitement of whoever is sharing the info with you , and you will join because it sounds so great! But really it’s not something that you are passionate about!

Or you may see all the money you can make, or how great the comp plan is or any other reason that can get you drawn into the business, which isn’t all bad, but when things get a bit tough down the road and you have no passion for the products itself then you may be more likely to call it quitsies.

So make sure you have passion for whatever you choose.


This is one that I got wrong a few times in my career!

Make sure that who you join has something that you know can help you to do your business. it could be anything like marketing, the webinars they do, or how they prospect.  

Something that you know you want help with maybe a weak point for you.

You want the best chance to win so find the person that will give you the best chance to do that


When you have a home business part of what will take you to the top is what you learn and implement. 5 keys for your home business

So learning on a consistent basis is a must! learn from any and all the leaders you come into contact with and when you learn something go out and implement it and share it with others. My friend Ray Higdon teaches that very well, ILT; Invest Learn Teach.

It’s the sure fire way for you to take your business to a higher level. go to events, take courses, get a mentor do what it takes to become the best at your biz and you will be able to help others to do the same.


What is the one  thing that you do that  helps others to succeed,  and is duplicatable?

Find it, get good at it, teach it and have others teach it!

This will give you massive duplication in your business . If you have something that works and you have others out their doing it as well as you then your business will explode. 

It’s okay if you don’t have it as yet, but find something and learn it till it works for you then become an expert at it and you will be good to go!


Doesn’t matter if you are doing traditional network marketing or online, it would do you a world of good to always have a marketing system in place. Why? because you always need people to talk to!

people to talk to i your home business

I can speak about this for days! I’m so grateful that I found the system that I use because I’m not quite sure where I would be if it wasn’t for me finding it!

There are a lot of Marketing systems out there and you will have plenty to choose from.

What is great is that you will learn how to market yourself online, find ways to attract targeted traffic to you so that you will always have people to talk to, and most times, you can also make an affiliate income with the people who say no to your business.

It’s all pretty powerful having a system, but the one thing I love most is the last statement!

Earn an additional income from the people who say no to your business opportunity!

that’s just a beautiful thing. 

That is of course when you start to learn how to attract the right kind of people to you the type of person who is already looking for your help, who will more than likely already be in the network marketing profession and who of course would benefit from having something so powerful as a marketing system in place!

So there you go 5 key things to have in your home business that will help you to succeed!

And i know that’s what you want, is to succeed! So if there is anything I can do for you to help you on that road just hit me up and I will do whatever I can.

To your lifestyle upgrade!

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  Rhosael Ciandre




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