3 Reasons Why Not To Blog For Money


Well the biggest reason would be that so many people have shared with me that they are starting a blog for money!

But I honestly think that they have some misconceptions as to how blogging for money actually works!

SO I decided to share the 3 biggest reasons why I feel you should do some homework to see just what is involved when you try to make money blogging.

Watch the video below to see what I mean!

So you want to Blog for money?

Well after you know a few reasons why you would not want to Blog for money then you can decide to get to work put in the time, commitment and mindset to get it done!

But you have to know that If you do decide to make blogging for money a part of your online marketing plan, and you do your due diligence, the reward can be very satisfying!

I personally know a couple of Rockstar bloggers that did just that , put in some time and have now been rewarded with a nice “little” salary.

One I mentioned in the video, and who  now makes a 7 figure income with his blog alone…. okay so maybe not so “little”

Well check below if you want to know exactly how he did it!!!  

This is the course you need!!! 


 Rhosael Ciandre
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