3 Reasons To Join A Mastermind


I’d say the some of the best investments I’ve made are the masterminds that I have attended.

So why would I say that? well first off, because it’s true, and for the reason that you get so much out of them and you learn so much not only about yourself, but about HOW leaders think and why they are so successful!

This year I attended my first one, but I didn’t only attend one! but two!! 

 master mind I  am certainly not a newbie to events, I go to at least 4 events a year, whether it be my company events or an event on the profession itself, I know how important they are and how much I grow after each one.

But this year I jumped on to attending a  couple of masterminds and I got to see why everyone raves about how great they are and how they really move you to the next level.

I put my top three reasons why it would be a good idea for YOU to get to join a mastermind, and see just how they can help you, and why they are a little different then a regular event

matermind By the way you didn’t  hear me say better!! I would always recommend going to ANY event and if you are unable to join a mastermind, then for sure get to any other event that you can because ALL events are super important if you want to make it in your business.

Keep in mind that these are my own personal reasons and not the only reasons why masterminds rock.


Most masterminds are kept fairly small and this allows for more of a personal touch.

I love the intimacy of the a mastermind,. at least the ones that I attended were intimate, and most are.

It makes it easier for you to connect to the other members of the group and you are able to learn more about them. mastermind

Also allows you to spend more time with whoever is leading the event, ask them questions and just chat with them more than you would be able to at a big event.

Friendships are formed because of the quality time you get to share. and the chances of forming a JV are higher.



The smaller the group the more hands on it can be. mastermind

If you are anything like I am then getting hands on help with anything that you are having a challenge with is priceless

I belong to an amazing community of  amazing marketers and having them around to ask questions and get help when you need it isa God send. But having the honor of top leaders actually walking you through and showing you step by step how to do something right is priceless!

This reason alone Is the biggest reason I would suggest a mastermind. It helped my business in a huge way being able to have someone show me EXACTLY how to do something that i had stumbled with for months! and now I am a pro at it.


This was something that kinda blew me away.

As we all work together and go through different subjects and learn new things, I watched and heard just how an expert came up with different strategies and formulas to different projects.

It really opens you up to see how people think and helps you to start thinking that way also!

Something that I have never been able to fully watch and learn when attending a big event and that is incredibly useful. masermind

The more we learn in this industry the better we get…. I know we all know that but it’s kinda funny when you actually see the process happening right in front of you and you catch yourself changing literally overnight.

You might think that you don’t know as much as an expert on a particular subject, but what you have to remember is that they were probably somewhere close to where you are at one time or another, and they learned to be as good as they are. The more you attend events, the more you learn. The more you learn and put things into practice… the better you will get. simple as that!

The key to that last statement is PUT IT INTO PRACTICE! 

That’s a very important step. It doesn’t matter how amazing an event is, If you don’t actually put what you learn into use then it will be useless.

Attending 2 masterminds this year has opened up a new world for me and moving forward, it will definitely be something that I will be adding to my event curriculum 

If you haven’t joined a mastermind as yet, do yourself a favor, find one to get to and get there! mastermind

You will love what they can do for you and your business.

I added a few pic’s of the events that I attended this year, I hope you enjoy them!!


To your Master Mind!!

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Rhosael Ciandre




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