11 powerful Tips How To Improve Your Ranking On Google

How To Improve Your Ranking On Google

If, how to improve your ranking on google has been on your mind then ask yourself, how many of these points do you use on your blog posts?

I have listened to some podcasts, of The Blog Millionaire, by Brandon Gaille  And have found them to be very informative,

Especially if you are working away at your blog and wondering just how to improve your ranking on google and if its possible even if you are new!

Well anything is possible, but you do have to do certain things and of course put in some work!!

So After one of Brian’s podcasts where he shared how to increase google ranking for free,

I Put together 11 easy things that you can do that will help you to up your google ranking!  

How To Increase Google Ranking For Free

1) Limit Your Paragraphs 

Limit your paragraphs to 7 sentences or less. This will make it easier for your readers.

Most people who see a block of writhing will be turned off, by breaking up your paragraphs it will entice them to keep going!.

Use variation paragraph size, and even single sentence paragraphs.

2) Black on White

Always use black lettering on white background. If you are someone who likes to get fancy, or creative, this isn’t the place to do it. 

There have been numerous studies showing that  dark coloured texts on light coloured backgrounds are the easiest to read.

So if this is true, why on earth would you want to use any other colors?

Make it as easy to read for your readers, so that way they will keep coming back, and more visits mean, you will improve search engine rankings!

3) Keep Your Columns tight! 

By keeping your columns between 700 and 800 pixels you have a better chance of readers getting through your material.

Once again, most people have ADD, and reading all the way to the other end of a page is harder than going straight down,

This gives them the feeling that they are getting somewhere fast and are more likely to finish your post!

4) Font Size

The most popular font size today is 16 after that 18.

I tend to use 18 for the most part, (probably because i know what it’s like to be at the age where a bigger font is much easier to read!!)

This is a no brainer, it’s just easier to read therefore more people will read it!

I can’t tell you how many times I have come to a blog post and the text size was so small, that i just passed on the info.

This is not what you want your readers to do..

The more they click the back button, the more strikes on your page ranking.

If you want to know how to improve your ranking on google? keep them on your page!

5) Font Type

Studies show the best font to use are Ariel or Georgia.

That’s because they are known to be the easiest to read.

Try to refrain from being creative in this area as well, as it does more harm then good.

Keep it as simple as possible so that your readers will want to come back again and again…..yup, that means more google ranking!

6) Line Height

Make sure your line height is set to 150 % the last thing you want is for your lines to be all up under each other.

This is going to stimulate horizontal reading and having the right amount of white space between lines helps tremendously.

7) List Posts

Use list posts as often as possible.

It’s easy for your readers to scan your post to see which point they want to read first.

Most people will scan a post before even reading it, having list or bullets help them to see exactly what they are looking for.

Blog posts using this format usually have the most time spent of their blog posts!

75% more people will click on a numbered title which is a pretty large percentage!

The reason is  because these titles are usually using a list post.

8) Using Headers

Use headers to organize your content.

This again, will help your readers to find what they are looking for quicker.

Like list posts, they naturally help to organize your content and make it easier to find, and read your posts.

9) Using Bullets

Using bold bullets work great when you have a concept that has certain points to get across to your readers.

You don’t want to use them all the time but the can add to your blogs readability.

10) Visuals

This again is one thing that will stop your readers from hitting the back button.

Most people love visuals so having at least one photo or video or a few strategically placed on your blog can help out tremendously.

Using visuals will also increase your social shares by 120%, that’s by only having one photo on it!

So imagine what could happen if you have a couple of photos, and a video on it?  

So be sure to incorporate more visuals on your blog if you are not already doing so.

11) Your Title

Last but not least… your title! Spend time on your title as it is the most important part of your blog post.

If your title doesn’t catch your reader’s eye, they  simply will not click on it.

Make sure you are doing at least the basic SEO and researching your title making sure that people are searching for and can find what you are writing about.

There are some great tools out there that you can use to insure that your title is a good one, here are a couple that I use 

Both are good and can help you out with creating better headlines and titles for your blog.

These tips on how to improve your ranking on Google if used when creating your blog posts will greatly increase your rankings over time.

If you decide they are too many to take on, at least you should use 3 or 4 of them, the ones to use for sure are font size, font type, and line height.

The more you use the better chance your blog posts will rank on google.

I hope this post helped!! let me know if it did by dropping me a line, also if you enjoyed “how to improve your ranking on Google” please go ahead and share it on social media!!

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