10 secrets how to have more self confidence

10 Secrets on How to Have Better Self-Confidence

How To Have Better Self-Confidence 

Knowing how to have better self-confidence is key when it comes to building your network Marketing business, whether it’s online or offline, these 10 secrets, If practiced, will surely get you there.

Back in 2008, I feel into a period of my life that I had never experienced before. Work was scarce, and paying my mortgage became a challenge.

I was stressed out and felt I had nowhere to turn.

I decided to sell my house and after spending my whole life being independent, and taking care of myself, I found myself at my Sister’s house, in the spare bedroom, no work ahead, and feeling like a failure.

That started a 3 year period where I spent the time crashing at family and friends homes, trying to figure out what happened to my life.

Now although that is not nearly the worst story by far, for me it was my rock bottom, I for the first time ever, was depressed. 

But after 3 years of self pity and beating myself up, I snapped, and knew if I didn’t  pull my socks up and get my shit together, I would just keep digging myself into a hole.

When things got better, and I decided to build my business again, because I knew how self-confidence affects success, I realized that I had to figure out how to have better self-confidence again, after crushing most of what I had, which, had already needed improvement!

Self-Confidence Is The Key To Success

Most of these are what I have used over the past years, to re-build my self-confidence realize my goals, and be successful in my business. 

 They will build your self-confidence, by changing the way you treat, act and see yourself. 

1) Mental Movies

Create and watch a mental movie of your life the way you want it to be, at least once  every day, twice if you can. add color, smells, and “feel” how happy you are to be there. This is the most powerful way I know how to increase self-esteem.

2) Mental Rehearsal

If there is something you want to get better at, play the outcome of the situation, or of doing the act over and over again in your head.

3) Goal Review

Have your goals written out and review and read your short-term goal daily

4) Afformations

I like to use Afformations instead of Affirmations I find they are more powerful. They are written out in question form, which gets your brain thinking as to how to make things happen.

You can use affirmations if you choose, either one will do. Do them daily, or anytime your mind is not in use!

5) Goal Directed Actions

Do something everyday that will take you closer to your goal….get into action!

6) Corrective Actions

If you fail, or make a mistake at something, see how you can do it better, correct it and try again

7) Assertive Communication

Learn how to communicate in a way that is assertive, and where you can stand yo for yourself without being a bully.

8) Recognition

If you are working with others, recognize any accomplishments that they make This helps not only theirs but your self-confidence and leadership success.

9) Relaxation 

Working long hours into the night when building a business as an entrepreneur, can cause burn out. Take time for you by relaxing, eating right and spending quality time with your family.

After all what good is a successful business if you are not around to enjoy it!!

10) Organize Your Day Ahead 

The night before, or in the morning, organize what needs to be done that day to help your business move forward. You will wind up doing a lot more than if you wing it!


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